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Common Commercial Lease Disputes & How to Solve Them

A commercial lease is one of the most important documents between a property owner and a business. It’s an agreement outlining the negotiated terms and conditions of renting commercial property. Although both you and the business may sign on the dotted line, these agreements are sometimes a source of dispute.

The Most Common Commercial Lease Disputes

Commercial real estate is a promising investment that can come with its own set of challenges. Some of the most common challenges are commercial lease disputes, which come in many forms, including:

  • Early termination: A business may wish to terminate their lease earlier than stated in the contract.
  • Lease terms: Disputes may arise when lease terms such as payments and property use are unclear.
  • Lease deposits: Before a business can lease your commercial property, they must pay a lease deposit. Some disputes may arise during lease termination about whether or not they receive the lease back in full.
  • Property maintenance: Disputes regarding who is responsible for maintaining and repairing commercial property are common.
  • Subleasing: Commercial tenants may wish to sublease part of the commercial property to another tenant to save money on office space.
Common Commercial Lease Disputes | The Lonergan Law Firm P.L.L.C. | iStock-1201430869
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How Do You Solve These Commercial Lease Disputes?

The best way to solve a commercial lease dispute is to prevent them from occurring at all. You must create thorough lease agreements that include every detail of the business transaction. Every commercial lease is different, which means each lease agreement should be tailored individually to your needs. 

An experienced commercial property attorney can help you draft and review all commercial real estate contracts prior to signing. Allowing an attorney to look over your agreement can help you avoid disputes that arise from oversight. Should you experience a dispute even with a solid contract, we recommend calling a property attorney for help.

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Commercial lease disputes are often complex, requiring experienced legal assistance to navigate. If you’re a commercial property owner experiencing a dispute with a tenant, now’s the time to reach out. Give our team a call at 214-760-6768 or send us a message today.